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What If You Aren’t a Prayer Warrior?

17. January 2018

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A rectangle of light shot into the room as my mother rushed in. We children had gone to bed. In a hurried whisper Mom told me something had happened and my dad had been called away, and she asked if I would pray with her. We went to another room, and she explained that there had been an unthinkable accident. A young child of a family in our congregation had been badly burned by a bonfire in their backyard.

Mom quoted Jesus’ words, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” She asked if I would pray with her, and of course I did. These were people I loved; and I trusted God—even though I was still learning about how prayer worked, especially in these situations. After I prayed, I felt better. I also felt honored to know that, in fulfillment of this verse, Mom thought I counted as a full person when it came to prayer.

Sadly, the young child died of his injuries. That was very hard for me to understand, because I believed God had heard our prayer, and I knew He wanted good things. It began to show me that my reckoning of how God should answer prayer is not always what happens when I pray. And prayer is no easy thing. It is not an inherited gift, nor is it a simple or easy discipline to practice, bringing calculated results. We will do it our whole lives long, and we will probably continue to learn more about the depth and breadth of a prayer walk with God until the day we die.

In that vein, it’s ...

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