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Vintage Charm in a Land of Cowboys

29. September 2017

Columns, RP Living,

  —Dan and Stephanie Yost

What is Vintage Cowboy Cottage and where did you get the idea to start it?

Vintage Cowboy Cottage (VCC) is a bed & breakfast (Airbnb style) we started in 2016. Stephanie has always wanted to have a B&B, and, because of internet services such as Airbnb, people with traditional day jobs can offer a property for internet booking and easier management. This made a side business more feasible.

A few years ago we hosted an RP pastor and family (Jonathan and Adrienne Haney) for a weekend. In our house we have rather modest accommodations, and yet they mentioned to us that the weekend had been remarkably restful and rejuvenating. This stuck with us (maybe because we couldn’t imagine how that could be true after staying with us!) and added to the incentive to build on Stephanie’s dream.

We had been closely watching the small 1920s-era house next door to ours, which had been owned for over 60 years by a man who grew up there, but no longer lived there. On Oct. 31, 2015, a for-sale sign appeared in the yard, just days after Stephanie had mentioned her thoughts about the place to Dan—for sale after over 60 years!

Immediately we got a showing of the house, and we broached the idea of starting “the cottage” with our children. Our family prayed and discussed how this could work. We moved quickly since such properties sell rapidly in Stillwater. God blessed our efforts, and Vintage Cowboy Cottage was born. We got to work ...

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