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The Trip of A Lifetime

31. May 2017

Columns, Youth Witness,

  —Alida McCracken

Recently my family had the wonderful opportunity to take a sabbatical and travel abroad. Two years ago my dad turned in an application for the Eli Lilly Pastoral Renewal Grant, hoping that after 24 years of pastoring he could take a break and be refreshed. His plan was to take our family to several places that had been significant in his life and in his preparation for ministry.

For four months we waited for a letter to come with the results. Even though I was in a department store when Dad called with the good news, I couldn’t contain my excitement and did a pretty good job of embarrassing my sister, Lindsey! It would be a full year before we went on the trip to Washington State, California, Australia, and Hawaii.

The beauty of God’s creation made the trip a real treat. In Washington, we stayed in a quaint cabin on Skunk Bay. Each evening Dad asked us two questions: What was the most exquisite thing you saw today that reveals God’s glory? Who was the most interesting person you met today, and was there anything about that person that you’d like to emulate? We were seeing beautiful things and meeting new people every day, so these questions were always easy to answer. The next leg of the trip was California, where we enjoyed dear relatives, the Big Trees National Forest, and Yosemite with its astounding cliffs and waterfalls.

Finally, we traveled across the Pacific to the land Down Under. Australia was astonishingly beautiful, with green ...

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