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The Seed of Sycamore

02. November 2015

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Marion RPC

Location: Marion, Ind.

Presbytery: Great Lakes-Gulf

Organization: 2015

Pastor: Jason Camery

Web site:

The history of Marion RPC is the story of a seed from a tree—Sycamore RPC—being planted. In the late 1990s, a group of students attending Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Ind., began to regularly attend Sycamore RPC in Kokomo, Ind. Providentially, the Marcisz family, who were at the time attending Second RPC in Indianapolis, Ind., were living in Marion. That family graciously opened their home on Sunday evenings for Bible study and fellowship led by Sycamore’s pastor, Barry York. The seed for a new church was planted.

After graduating, some of the Indiana Wesleyan University students married and decided to remain in Marion. When asked why they stayed in Marion, they mentioned the church. The Marcisz family, who previously traveled the great distance to Second RPC, also started attending Sycamore RPC. The seed had taken root.

While the Marion families continued to worship in Kokomo and have Bible studies in Marion, the Lord brought a family to Sycamore RPC whose hearts were tied to Marion. The Camery family became a great source of encouragement and refreshment. Jenny was born and raised in Marion while Jason had been a police officer and a minister in Marion. The seed was being watered.

In the years that ...

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