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The Reflections of Covenant Children

17. January 2018

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  —Brian and Heather Panichelle

During a conversation around the table at a large family gathering, one of your covenant children begins to make noises, subtle at first, then progressively louder and more annoying. You become agitated as you try to ignore the behavior and then gently correct the behavior. The child ceases for a moment and then, when he thinks you’re not paying attention, begins again. You become increasingly irritated and embarrassed as you have to again correct the behavior, this time a bit more forcibly.

While this is transpiring, your mother not-so-subtly indicates to you that you once behaved the same way. She proceeds to intervene on the child’s behalf with stories of similar behavior from you. The child now does stop, but only to listen and to have fuel to argue with you later.

The details may be different for your family, but I think we can all relate to a similar scenario.

We are not perfect people. Whether we were raised as covenant children ourselves or not, we have fallen short of parents’ and God’s expectations. All of us can be reminded of former behaviors, and parents often see behavior in our children that we exhibit ourselves.

This is the challenge of being a sinful person parenting sinful offspring. Our children often reflect us. The reflections are not always negative, of course, and there can be funny things. Our son Dominic is often referred to as Brian’s mini-me. Dominic’s appearance mirrors ...

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