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The Oldest RPC in Japan

01. February 2007

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Higashisuma RPC

Location:Kobe, Japan


Organized:May 22, 1960

Membership:53 communicant, 27 baptized

Pastor:Sumito Sakai

Our History

In 1950, Dr. Sam Boyle and his wife Grace came to Japan from China. They founded the Covenanter mission in Ichinotani, Kobe, Japan. They were joined by Orlena Lynn a year later. The mission work started with worship on the Lord’s Day, English Bible class, Bible school for children, and hospital evangelism.

In 1952, the first fruits of the Japan mission were baptized: Mr. Masunaga, Mr. Maeda, and Ms. Hirakawa. In 1958, Mr. Masunaga was installed as the pastor of the Ichinotani RPC and became the first pastor in the RP Church in Japan.

The church was renamed Higashisuma RPC in 1960, the same year the new church building was completed. By God’s providence, 46 years later, they are building another church.

Mr. Masunaga retired in 1995, and Pastor Sakai has served the church since then. He has also recently begun to oversee the Hontamon Mission Station as a provisional elder. In the last 12 years, God has given the church rich blessings and spiritual training in times of trial. The new people in the church are fruits of His mercy with His providence in the church’s history.

Our Ministry

The church is currently without a building as ...

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