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The Lord Has Kept Me Close

15. November 2017

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  —Adrienne Haney

I was born into a Christian home with two godly parents. They are still happily married. The Bible and church were a foundation to our household growing up. My parents were first-generation Christians. Mom’s side of the family was Catholic and Dad’s side was agnostic.

When I was around eight I realized my sin and my need for a savior. My family was attending a Baptist church at the time. I had a Sunday school teacher who taught me about Jesus and His death on the cross. I remember praying beside my bed that night, asking for forgiveness for all the things I had done wrong. As a young girl, though, I did not know exactly what being a Christian meant. I did everything the same as before.

Once I entered junior high, my parents gave me the choice to go to a Christian school or to be an active member in our church’s youth group. I chose youth group and public school. There were major changes in our family leading up to junior high, and we started attending an Evangelical Free Church (where I continued to go until just before marriage). Under the faithful preaching there I felt like a sponge; I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Bible. The faith that began when I was younger was sparked.

I attended public school, but I was firmly planted in my beliefs. I did not find persecution, drugs, or alcohol in school; I found friends (Christian and not) and learning. I was blessed with many Christian teachers. They did not teach Christianity ...

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