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The Elephant-Sized Hole

08. March 2017

Columns, Viewpoint,

  —Drew Gordon

There is a side to the story we don’t talk about often. You’ll read in the Witnessabout pastors accepting a call to a new congregation. You’ll read about RP families moving to a church-planting situation. You’ll read about someone deciding to do long-term mission work.

But for every such action, is there an equal and opposite reaction? For every person going to a new RP church, is there a person-sized hole left in the old RP church? For every congregation rejoicing about a new pastor, is there a congregation bereft at saying goodbye to him?

In this issue, we read about a call for people to consider moving to the Northeast United States, the most post-Christian region in the U.S. The need there is palpable. And we can easily think of other regions and mission fields where there are crying needs.

It is a grand thing when God calls people to places of great need and when those people heed His call. God’s Word shows us that this is kingdom reality. And it’s good to make our needs known to God and His people; because God is often pleased to answer through our requests. This also helps curb our tendency to self-reliance.

There are practical reasons, too, for making needs known. The lack of it can signal spiritual malaise. If you aren’t calling the people of your own congregation to the vital work to be done, don’t be surprised if they go elsewhere. If your reason for wanting people to stay or for new families to move in ...

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