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The Blessing of God

08. March 2017

Columns, Psalm of the Month,

  —Kit Swartz

Psalm 134

Psalm Category: Song of Ascents

Central Thought: As we bless God, He blesses us

Keywords: the Lord, bless


Psalm 134 is the conclusion of the Psalms of Ascents (which begin with Psalm 120). It is likely that ascent refers to the people of God going up to Jerusalem for the three major feasts (Ex. 23:14-17). The placement of this Psalm at the end of the collection is very suitable, as it bids farewell to those who are departing with a blessing from the Lord (v. 3). Blessing at departures is frequent in the Scriptures (Lev. 9:22; Luke 24:50). The Lord is the One who is blessed (vv. 1a, 2b) and the One who blesses (v. 3). It seems reasonable to see the departing pilgrims urging those who stay in the temple to continue to bless the Lord (vv. 1-2), and then the high priest replying with the Lord’s blessing on those who are returning to their homes (v. 3; Num. 6:23ff; see Ruth 2:4).

Blessing God (vv. 1-2)

Behold (v. 1; Ps. 133:1) commands devoted attention to the often-neglected duty of blessing God. We cannot give anything to God, so our blessing Him is simply a confession of His perfections as revealed in His Word and works (Ps. 103; 104; Eph.1:3ff). The One who is blessed and who blesses is the Lord (used five times in this brief psalm). The Lord is our ...

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