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TFY Reunion at the RP International Conference

01. November 2012

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In 1999, a group of nine young RPs gathered for the inaugural Theological Foundations for Youth (TFY) program at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS) in Pittsburgh, Pa. In 2012, a group of 110 young and not-so-young RPs met for a TFY reunion at the RP International Conference. As the alumni collected their official T-shirts, they quickly coalesced into their original groups and enjoyed an evening of pizza, recollections, and reconnections. As you can imagine, it was a lively evening capped off with psalm singing (which can be found on YouTube by searching under “TFY reunion 2012”). Many of the TFY alumni shared their reflections on life after TFY.

“Please let the TFY committee know that I appreciate the opportunities that were presented, and I am putting to use the knowledge that I learned from the classrooms and the church home I visited. It has only been my second week at college and already I have been a witness. Please tell all the professors, the pastors, the staff, the cooks and everyone else, that the TFY program has blessed me and in turn it has helped me bless others” (Thomas Planalp, 2012).

Thomas’ comments reflect a common theme from TFY alums. TFY is a theological boot camp for RP high school juniors conducted for three weeks every summer at the RPTS campus. Seminary professors deliver in-depth lectures on a wide variety of topics including eschatology, the sacraments, missions, apologetics, and RP distinctives. The ...

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