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Tech, Tweets, and Tattoos

08. March 2017

Features, Christian Living,

  —Aaron Sams and Gabriel Wingfield

Anyone over 30 will remember a time when the household phone was attached to the wall, when messages between school friends were passed discreetly in class on cleverly folded paper, when updates about family goings-on were sent on greeting cards through the mail, and when photographs had to be developed, printed, paid for, and distributed through the postal service.

The advent of consumer access to the internet and cell phones beginning in the early 1990s dramatically altered how people communicate. Phones are now found in pockets, notes are sent as text messages, family updates appear perpetually on Facebook, and photos are freely shared instantaneously with thousands through Instagram.

Interconnectivity through digital media has amplified our ability to connect and communicate, and it has brought with it both the blessings that come from connections with loved ones and the curses stemming from the manic nature of constant interruption. How is the conscientious user of digital media to use these tools for good and avoid using them for selfish gain to the detriment of their neighbor?

Social media today makes for a head-spinning world. If you are trying to wrap your head around Facebook and Twitter for the first time, you may struggle to know how you (or your church) can best use them—or if you should use them at all. We’ll go through the most popular digital tools, giving a brief description of how they work, and then discuss some encouragements ...

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