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Stillwater RPC

23. November 2016

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Location:Stillwater, Okla.


Organiztion:July 1991

Membership:46 communicant; 24 baptized

Pastor:Bruce Parnell

This year marks the congregation’s 25th anniversary. During our celebration, the congregation took time to reflect on our history and thank God for His faithfulness. We rejoiced that “the Lord has done great things for us!” (Ps. 126:3). And we prayed that God would “teach us how to count our days and set our hearts on wisdom’s ways” (90:12).

Part of our history can be linked to God stirring the RPCNA to evangelize and plant churches. At RP International Conference 1988, the Home Mission Board presented a vision to the denomination: “Seven More By ’94.” The specific prayer was that the RPCNA would have seven more congregations by 1994. But more important was the underlying prayer that God would stir us up as a church to reach out to the lost and to plant new churches. In God’s providence, the Stillwater RPC was one of those seven more by ’94.

As we reflect on our history, several characteristics of the congregation rise to the surface, graces from God that continue to shape the life of the congregation today.

Prayer.The original core families labored diligently in prayer that God would establish an RP church in ...

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