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Standing on Solid Ground in Quebec

01. December 2013

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The Hudson/St. Lazare Reformed Presbyterian Church has never been financially self-sustaining and is now dealing with the departure of its pastor. But God has been faithful in preserving this body of believers.

After 13 years of living in Canada, Pastor Courtney Miller and his family have been led by God to return to the United States. They leave an unforgettable legacy of ministry in the church and community. How will God’s leading be made manifest in the Hudson RPC now?  Courtney Miller, born in 1958 in Bellefonte, Pa., wasn’t always connected to the Reformed Presbyterian Church. In his childhood years, he and his family were part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Presbyterian Evangelical Synod (which became part of the Presbyterian Church in America). When he was four, he and his family attended the RP church in Syracuse, N.Y. They became part of the College Hill (Beaver Falls, Pa.) RPC in the early 1970s. It never occurred to young Courtney Miller that he would become pastor one day. 

Q: How did you come to be a pastor? 

Miller: If you talk to my mom—she brings this up occasionally—I was in third grade when the pastor’s wife said, “Courtney’s going to be a pastor someday.” My parents couldn’t understand because I didn’t want to be at church; I’d rather have stayed at home and played on Sunday. 

His father and mother saw something of a counselor in him. As ...

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