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Sowing, Watering, Ministering

06. March 2015

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Okamoto Keiyaku RP Church

Location: Okamoto, Kobe, Japan

Presbytery: Japan

Organization Date: 1975

Membership: 23 communicant; 22 baptized

Pastors: Shigeru Takiura and Kihei Takiura

Web Site: (Japanese)


Our church has two names, and they show the early history of our church. Keiyaku means “covenant.” This came from the Covenanter Book Room (CBR) in the downtown area of Kobe. Pastor Gene Spear started Bible class on the second floor of the CBR, and eventually the group started gathering for worship in 1957. The other part of the name, Okamoto, comes from the name of a suburb area on the east end of Kobe.

In 1966, they searched for a more fitting place for worship services. They found Okamoto, moved there, and started morning services. After that, God added members by baptism every year and the congregation grew quickly. They built their church building at the present location in 1974.


In 1977, Shigeru Takiura became the pastor of Keiyaku RPC. He focused on filling the frame Pastor Spear had made: to establish a worship-centered church, train the congregation in Reformed doctrines, and make connections with local people for the purpose of evangelism. He worked on these things for 40 years.


We have ...

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