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South Sudan Update

01. February 2014

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When Cush4Christ began its ministry in South Sudan in 2005, the region had been engulfed in civil war for decades and the future was very uncertain. A fragile peace worked out by the United Nations provided a window of opportunity for the gospel to be proclaimed and to take root in many lives in and around Aweil. From the beginning, Reformed Presbyterian missionaries knew this window of opportunity could slam shut at any time, so great prayer and efforts were given to ensure that, if that window closed, God would have established churches and ordained South Sudanese pastors, elders and deacons to continue the work well beyond the time of our missionaries’ service.

In January 2011 a referendum was held to see if the citizens of that region would vote to create the Republic of South Sudan. Many worried that the very act of the referendum might return the country to civil war, but God maintained the peace and allowed a new country to emerge. A government comprised of representatives of various tribes began the awesome task of building a nation. The common goal of independence from the Muslim-controlled Republic of Sudan was enough to bridge temporarily the hostilities that had existed between several of the South Sudan tribes. However, no resolution was sought for those longstanding issues.

In mid-December 2013, after South Sudan’s president dismissed several cabinet members, a coup attempt was made and violence again erupted. Old rivalries were rekindled, ...

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