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Seek the Welfare of the City

09. March 2009

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Los Angeles RPC

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.

Presbytery: Pacific Coast Presbytery

Organization Date: March 11, 1904

Membership: 58 communicants

Pastor: Nathan Eshelman

Web site:

The History

“Los Angeles is a rapidly growing and beautiful city. The winter resort of thousands and the home of many thousands more who have found the climate, both winter and summer, and other surroundings the most ideal of any part of America,” wrote P.J. McDonald in 1903 to the Christian Nation magazine. One year later, First Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCLA) was organized under the authority of the Colorado Presbytery. The original building was a wood-framed tent that was covered in canvas. It was never intended to be permanent, and by 1907 the congregation had erected a new building in a well-suited area of Los Angeles. The congregation was debt free at the building’s dedication. The current location of the congregation was built in 1947 and had a major Sabbath school and fellowship wing added in 1959. Over its 105-year history, RPCLA has seen 11 pastors and numerous elders and deacons. RPCLA has also sent out and supported a significant number of global missionaries.

The Ministry

The congregation’s leadership currently consists of ...

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