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Seattle RPC

15. November 2017

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Location: Seattle, Wash.

Presbytery: Pacific

Organization: 1892

Membership: 62 communicant; 17 baptized

Pastor: Ryan Hemphill


The Seattle Reformed Presbyterian Church was established in the 1890s by a commission of the then-Kansas Presbytery in a fairly new city with some 42,000 people (compared to over 700,000 today). This congregation was the first west coast RP church and has existed continuously since 1892, starting with 42 members. In 1893, the congregation purchased its first building in downtown Seattle at a cost of $5,500. Its first pastor was Rev. P.J. McDonald, who was installed in 1895 after serving as stated supply for three years. Thanks to some Seattle members, a more detailed history is available at the church’s website,

In recent history, Rev. Don Piper retired in 2008 after pastoring faithfully for 31 years, and seminary graduate Ryan Hemphill was called as pastor a year later. He was ordained and installed in December 2009 and has been honored to serve for the last 8 years alongside the session and deacons. The church is strengthened by its faithful members who have labored in Christ over a long time.

We have prayed for many years for more children to come to the congregation, and, by ...

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