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Regular Lives in Las Vegas

05. November 2014

Columns, Congregation of the Month,

  —Sean Holm

Las Vegas RP Fellowship

Location: Las Vegas, Nev.

Organized: 2012

Members:12 communicant; 18 baptized


Many people find it hard to believe that there are churches in Sin City. Most envisage the bright lights of the downtown “Strip,” the tourism, the casinos, the nightlife. Behind what attracts the tourism to Las Vegas, there are the regular lives of everyday people. In this popular city, God in His faithfulness has planted a Reformed Presbyterian church.

About this time two years ago, a small group of individuals requested the help of the RPCNA to establish a biblical, God-honoring, confessional church in the dry desert landscape. They were increasingly convicted regarding worship and theology, and they reached out to a man whose podcasts they had heard and enjoyed: Pastor John Sawtelle of All Saints (Brea, Calif.) RPC. Pastor Sawtelle got them heading down the right path to requesting a church plant.

Shortly after, in winter 2012, an oversight committee labored to schedule RP pastors, elders, and students to minister to them from congregations across the country, from California to Maryland. With the oversight of the All Saints RPC session, and with Pacific Coast Presbytery’s extension committee doing the scheduling, they started having preachers about every two weeks to administer the ...

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