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Quinter (Kan.) RPC

24. May 2017

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Location:Quinter, Kan.


Organization:July 1887

Membership:26 communicant; 5 baptized

Pastor:Matthew Sexton



In the spring of 1880, a group of Reformed Presbyterians in Iowa decided to move further west. At least six of these families took homesteads north of the growing settlement of Quinter, Kan., with the intention of establishing a congregation.

The first record of an organized worship service was a prayer meeting in the sod home of the Henry Miller family on Aug. 3, 1880. A baby was born to the Millers just a few hours before the meeting was scheduled to begin. When people arrived, it was quickly decided to hold the prayer meeting outside on the prairie sod.

Establishing homes in this new location proved to be difficult, and many families moved away. Enough families stayed, however, for Quinter to be a mission station. On July 7, 1887, the congregation was organized by the Kansas Presbytery. Our present building was built in 1910. Through years of want and years of plenty, the Lord has been exceedingly gracious to us.

Our congregation is rejoicing in the arrival of our new pastor, Matthew Sexton. He and his wife, Marcie, moved to ...

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