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Providence RPC

01. December 2009

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Location: Brookline Section, Pittsburgh Pa.

Presbytery: Alleghenies

Membership: 65 communicant, 39 baptized

Organized: 1998.

Pastor: Rut Etheridge, ordained and installed June 2006. C.J. Williams was organizing Pastor and remains on session as a ruling elder. Other ruling elders are Jim McFarland and Jay Strunk.

We are quite a diverse group chronologically, ethnically, and socially. Members range in age from 80’s to newborns,, represent many ethnicities within the U.S. and also birthplaces of Germany, France, Belarus, Egypt and other parts of the world. While predominantly a blue-collar crowd, some of us have white collar jobs and some of us are self-professed rednecks.

The Lord’s Day worship is the heart and soul of the church family, and the session is grateful for a flock who truly loves to worship together and who truly loves one another. Lord’s Day morning worship is followed each week by a fellowship luncheon, which continues to be a blessed means of refreshment and fellowship. We observe the sacrament of the Lord’s supper once per month during a 1 p.m. worship service. On other Lord’s Days, we have Sabbath school classes for all ages, currently focusing on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. We also use our 1pm time slot for missionary presentations, psalm sings, and prayer.

Beyond Lord’s Days, the church ...

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