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Planted by God’s Grace

01. December 2006

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White Lake Reformed Presbyterian Church

Location:90 miles northwest of New York City in White Lake, N.Y.



Membership:93 communicant, 29 baptized. The oldest member is Florence Lynn, 102.

Pastor:David Coon

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Our History

The psalmist compares God’s growing children to the flourishing of a palm tree. The White Lake RPC was truly planted by God’s grace. It was established at the beginning of the 19th Century by hearty settlers debarking from New York City. God blessed the congregation with long-tenured pastors like Rev. John Williams and used them to establish a thriving congregation in what was a growing farming community. Covenanter names like Lynn, Millen, Tacey, and Frazier were pillars in the church.

The mountainous location meant it had the opportunity to minister to a burgeoning summer population. During Rev. Pritchard’s pastorate, the White Lake Covenanter Camp was established. As the area moved away from an agrarian economy toward a tourism-based one, the congregation declined in numbers and was officially disorganized in the 1960s.

God wasn’t ready to extinguish this witness for the gospel. By His grace, the work was reopened with a few ...

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