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Over a Century of Service As a Comeback Congregation

09. September 2006

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Seattle RP Church

Location:Seattle, Wash.

Presbytery:Pacific Coast

Organization Date:1892

Membership:83 (70 communicant; 13 baptized)

Pastor:Don Piper


Our History

The Seattle congregation is the oldest RP congregation on the west coast and has the unusual distinction of having been organized twice. The first organization was on August 9, 1889, when the church consisted of 21 charter members. Some problems developed in that small group, resulting in the resignation of the pastor, S. Dell Johnston, and the two ruling elders in 1891. Having no session, the young congregation was officially disorganized. However, the small group of believers remained loyal and continued to meet regularly for Bible study and prayer.

Recognizing the possibility that a congregation might be reorganized, Rev. Alexander Kilpatrick was sent to Seattle in fall 1891. He found that, in spite of the earlier difficulties, there existed a growing and enthusiastic group of people who wanted a Reformed Presbyterian church. A commission was appointed, and the second organization of the Seattle RPC took place on Jan. 22, 1892, with 42 charter communicant members. Four ruling elders and four deacons were elected and they were ordained and installed the following day. Licentiate P.J. McDonald came to Seattle as stated ...

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