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Ottawa RPC

12. September 2016

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Pastor Rich Ganz and his wife, Nancy, at Ottawa RPC’s 35th anniversary celebration with the gift presented to them by the congregation.

Location: Ottawa, Ont.

Presbytery: St. Lawrence

Organization: May 1981

Membership: 83 communicant; 48 baptized

Pastor: Dr. Richard Ganz



For many years, dear and faithful saints in the Almonte, Ont., RPC prayed that our Lord would, in His mercy, bring a congregation to Ottawa, the nation’s capital. In 1973 Joy and Aubrey Ayer moved to the Ottawa area from New Brunswick. Jesus used them to be integral in the answer to these many prayers. Over time and through attendance at the St. Lawrence Family Conference, the Ayers came to be acquainted with the saints in the Almonte RPC. At that time, there were only two congregations—70 souls—left of a church that once had more than 100 congregations across Canada.

In 1979 a monthly fellowship group began meeting in the Ayers’ home. Striking out in faith, worship services were started later that year in an Ottawa suburb. The preaching fell to pastors from Almonte RPC and nearby Lisbon, N.Y., RPC. A call was put out for a pastor for the fledgling work.

Rich and Nancy Ganz arrived in Ottawa in May 1980. The ...

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