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Not Your Typical College Ministry

25. January 2017

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  —Keith Evans

Purdue University is home to some 40,000 students from around the world. Of those students no more than 40 at a time are Reformed Presbyterian students, and often the numbers are much smaller. While the RP church is no stranger to being the “little guy”—and the Lafayette, Ind., RPC is not alone in having the blessing of being next door to a university—we must ask, How can the church take advantage of such a mission field? And how does the Reformed church minister to secular college students?

Isn’t College Ministry a Full-Time Job?

Pastor Dave Long once told me during a very busy week, “I’m not a campus minister. If I’m not careful, that could fill my entire schedule.”

Pastors and elders must prioritize the local flock of God (Acts 20:28). But as we shepherd college students who are part of the local flock in the Lafayette church, we also seek to foster ministry on Purdue’s campus through the students themselves.

What makes Purdue CORPS different from other campus ministries?

The Lafayette RPC and the Immanuel (West Lafayette, Ind.) RPC (both near Purdue’s campus) are continually blessed with students from around the denomination. In addition to RP students, others interested in a Reformed campus ministry have also regularly joined Purdue Collegiate Organization of RP Students (CORPS). We desire the students to take personal ownership over this ministry—instead of merely ...

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