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Northminster RPC

01. December 2011

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Northminster RPC

Location:Suwanee, Georgia
Presbytery:Great Lakes-Gulf
Membership:27 communicant; 14 baptized
Pastor:Dr. Frank J. Smith

Look at a map of RPCNA congregations, and you quickly realize that Reformed Presbyterians are concentrated in places like Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kansas. For over two centuries, there has been very little representation in the southern United States.

However, over the past two decades, a concerted effort has been made to reach out to Dixie with the Reformed Presby-terian message, including doctrines of mediatorial kingship and purity of worship. Slowly but surely, that message is winning converts in the Southland-including the Peach State.

According to W. Melancthon Glasgow’s History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America, by 1780 a society of Covenanters was meeting near Louisville, Ga.; however, no congregation was gathered, and the dream lay dormant for about 200 years.

In more recent times, the desire to found a psalm-singing church in the Atlanta area goes back more than a decade. In 1999, services featuring a cappella exclusive psalmody were conducted on an irregular basis, in the hopes of establishing a PCA congregation committed to historic Presbyterian worship. In 2000, weekly services were held in Alpharetta under the auspices of a PCA church, but after a few months that ...

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