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Living for Christ in Japan

01. May 2006

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Keiyaku RPC

Location: Kobe, Japan

Presbytery: Japan

Organization Date: March 1975

Membership: 45 communicant, 20 baptized

Pastor: Shigeru Takiura

Our History

The foundation for the Keiyaku RPC began on Oct. 1, 1957, with Sabbath evening worship services conducted by Pastor Gene Spear and Pastor Masunaga. Services were held at the Covenanter Book Store in Sannomiya (downtown Kobe). In 1964, Pastor Spear and his family moved to Okamoto, east of Sannomiya. In March 1966, Sabbath morning worship services began at Okamoto. In 1968, they bought the land where the current church is located, and in 1973, the construction of the new church building began.

In 1975, the Okamoto church was organized. Pastor Jim Pennington, Pastor Bill Sterrett, and Miss Oreta Everett were also involved in the ministry. In 1977, Pastor Takiura came back from study at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Miss., and was installed as pastor. The members decided to name the church Okamoto Keiyaku Church. “Keiyaku” means covenant.

In the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, none of the church members were killed, although many lost their houses and some friends passed away. The church building was used by groups such as F.H.I. and K.G.K. (Japanese InterVarsity Fellowship) as well as groups from North American RP Churches as the center of their ...

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