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Hudson/St-Lazare Reformed Presbyterian Church

01. September 2005

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Location:Hudson/St-Lazare, Quebec

Organization Date:1846 (Ontario); relocated to Quebec in 1997

Membership:28 communicant; 24 baptized. Oldest Member: Hazel Jamieson, 88. Youngest Member: Gabriel Frattaroli, 1. The Bakkers have a baby due in early October.

Pastor:Courtney Miller (wife Barbara, 5 children)


Our Roots

Older than Canada itself, the church was established in Lochiel, an eastern Ontario rural farming community. The Lochiel church building is now over 100 years old, finally having had electricity added in the 1950s and still without running water. After the McKelvys (1928-69) retired, the church struggled to survive without a pastor. Elder Brian Brodie, a full-time dairy farmer, was instrumental in keeping the ministry going, even filling the pulpit for more than 16 years in the ’80s and ’90s.

The winds of change began blowing in 1994 with the inclusion of the Choinière-Shields and Dodenhoff families to the church. At the encouragement of John McMillan (retired pastor) and Wade Mann (pastor of Lisbon and acting as moderator), the church made the important decision to relocate to the Hudson/St-Lazare area just west of the island of Montreal, Quebec, becoming a church “transplant.” Initially the newly-named church met in a small daycare center (the ...

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