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How Many People Attend My Church?

02. June 2014

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How many people attend your church?” When someone asks that, I’m always confused about how to respond.

Conservatively, I can testify that we have about 21 folks with us if everyone is healthy. That thrills me because people have to be highly motivated to commit to a Reformed Presbyterian, psalm-singing, home mission work. And we’ve basically doubled our numbers in the last four months. We went for over two years with no growth and a dozen people who just loved each other and the Lord. But things have gotten even better.

After three years on SermonAudio, the Lord has brought us listeners who download 1,000 sermons a month. Every 30 days our audience multiplies. Roughly half of these listeners hail from foreign places. Half of these come from the Orient and half are German. So we’re reaching more internationals than many missionaries. That is amazing to me. I ask: What is God doing?

We have additional listeners on the homefront too. Once a week or more we do street witnessing/preaching. Easily a thousand people pass through our intersections, where we preach in the direction of the stopped cars. Hundreds and hundreds of people who never darken a church door hear wondrous things from God. This is week after week, and month after month. Even the police are listening!

So, if we take a thousand of those folks per week we get 4,000 per month. How many come to our church? Adding up the people from all the categories, it looks to me like ...

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