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Horrors of a Holocaust

01. December 2013

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The agonizing cries, which could only proceed from the most tortured of human souls, pierced the silence of my imagination. I could almost smell the reek of unwashed, decaying, and burning human flesh. Haunted figures and hollowed eyes presented themselves before me wherever I turned. There was no escape from the overwhelming sense that I was experiencing a taste of hell.

Such were the thoughts and emotions that flooded over me as I walked through the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. I was reminded of a time when Nazi commanders made lampshades from the skin of their human victims, when the gold in a person’s tooth was more valuable than his body. After being confronted with the acute depravity of mankind, museum visitors are quoted as saying, “This can never be allowed to happen in any form again.” We leave appalled, but comforted with the fact that we would never participate in such horrific evil. We think that our nation is so much more advanced and we have come so far as a society.

Yet, as we stand before our God as a nation, we have the blood of a far greater holocaust dripping from our guilty hands. In the U.S. over 54 million abortions have occurred. In Canada, where reports don’t reflect the full number of abortions, the total is still in the millions.

We live in a time when the gold in a doctor’s pocket is more valuable than the bodies of our unborn children. Why is it that we cringe in horror at the genetic cleansing ...

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