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Greetings from “The Shelter”

01. March 2014

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Shelter RPC

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Members: 18 communicant; 19 baptized

Organized: 2010

Pastor: Bob Hackett

We aren’t the only church in town. But we are the only RP church in town. As a matter of fact, we are the only one in western Canada. Our nearest neighbor waving the royal blue banner with the nice gold trim would be in Ottawa, Ont. Speaking of the royal blue and gold: In spite of our being one of the smaller congregations in the denomination, we boast the largest Covenanter banner ever, custom made. We hang it up every Lord’s Day behind the pulpit. Interestingly enough, we had it made and put into use long before we actually gave any thought to joining the RPCNA. It was our calling all along.

On our web site we introduce ourselves as “a small but increasingly growing, vibrant congregation that meets in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,” and that sums it up the best. As a congregation this church has existed for 35 or 40 years under different names, faces and denominational flavors, but for sake of time I’m going update you on recent history. The church has undergone what can only be described as an extreme makeover in these last few years.

We joined the RPCNA in 2010, and it marked a turning point for the church. Over the last four years we have witnessed God establishing for us a solid foundation. He has brought the right people at just ...

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