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Gathered and United

01. October 2006

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Manchester RPC

Organization date:circa 1795

Location:New Kensington, Pa.


Membership:37 communicant, 12 baptized

Pastor:Vince Scavo


Our History

The Parnassus/Manchester congregation has existed in some form since 1795 (as a society, then two yoked congregations, and later as a single congregation which moved from one site to the other).

In 1958, the congregation was worshiping in the Parnassus neighborhood of New Kensington. That year they built a chapel on the “old” Manchester site, about 10 miles away from Parnassus, to serve as a mission Sabbath school. They expanded this chapel by adding on what is now the main meeting hall.  The congregation moved to this Manchester site from Parnassus in 1961.  The chapel now serves as a fellowship hall and is used twice a month for fellowship dinners after the Sabbath morning worship, as well as for monthly fellowship nights.

Presently the congregation is made up of 37 communicant members, 12 baptized children, and 5 adherents for a total of 54 people in 20 homes. Vince Scavo has been the pastor since the summer of 2001.

The membership has changed quite a bit over the past decade as controversies took their toll. But since 2001, the ...

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