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Fun to be Around

23. November 2016

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  —Michael Kearney

Recently Geneva College experienced a temporary power outage that left students in their apartments on a hot summer evening without electricity. If you had passed the president’s house a few blocks from campus, you would have noticed that the lights were on and that there was a crowd of students in the living room. When First Lady Amy Troup heard from her daughter Hannah, a senior at Geneva, that her friends needed power to work on their homework, she welcomed them to an air-conditioned study space.

Stories like this may be uncommon in higher education, but the literal and metaphorical cups of cold water Amy Troup offered members of the college community that night represent just a small part of the hospitality she hopes to cultivate along with her husband, Calvin L. Troup, in his presidency at Geneva College.

Amy (Spear) and Calvin both graduated from Geneva in 1983, and their continued involvement as alumni and college parents is proof they’ve never really left. They have attended almost all homecomings since graduating, and often, on homecoming day, the extended Spear family gathers for a picnic on campus. As fans of both athletics and music, the Troups make it a point to attend as many games and campus concerts as possible—Amy notes that she enjoys football games more now with Calvin sitting beside her rather than playing on the field. “We love college life,” she says. “We always have.”

Thanks to Amy’s firsthand experience at ...

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