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From Participant to Leader

07. August 2017

Columns, Youth Witness,

  —Tim Erney

Young Men’s Bible Study (YMBS) has been a huge part of my life. The Columbus RP youth organized YMBS quite a while ago—and Young Women’s Bible study (YWBS)—and it has been active for around 10 years. Currently, YMBS meets every other Wednesday. We normally gather at a church family’s house, such as the McCracken’s, Planalp’s, or Gobles’. In this hour-long study, we pray, read God’s Word, discuss, pray again, and then join the YWBS to sing the Psalms. It is led by and made up entirely of teenagers, give or take the occasional college student.

I was first exposed to YMBS when my older brothers made friends with the Gobles, a family who participated in it. My brothers and I started going and, at first, it was just a time of fellowship for me. I didn’t seriously consider what I was learning or listening to as Noah Goble or Josh Erney (my older brother) led. As I grew older, I started to appreciate the advice and input the other guys would give during the study more and more; I became more intent on what was being said and how God’s Word affected me. There’s something special about a study where the people experience the same setbacks and sins, help each other deal with them, and pray for each other. We can share prayer requests and questions we might have while being deep in God’s Word, trying to understand and work out what God’s will is for us. It has helped me to grow in my friendships with other believers who ...

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