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First RPC of Beaver Falls

01. October 2010

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Location: Beaver Falls, Pa.

Presbytery: Alleghenies

Membership: 114 communicant; 25 baptized

Founded (by merger): 2005

Pastor: Bruce Backensto (1995)

Web site:

Geneva Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded Nov. 4, 1892. First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Beaver Falls was founded on Nov. 10, 1974, with 24 members. The two congregations merged in November 2004, effectuated in early 2005, becoming the current First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Beaver Falls. The congregation now worships in the First RP church building in the Patterson Township section of Beaver Falls. The Geneva RP church building was sold to Geneva College, which is currently using it for some music classrooms.

Over the last 10 years, the makeup of the congregation has changed from mostly older couples to many young families as well as older couples. Years ago, the lone head bobbing in the front pew during the children’s sermon belonged to Keith Backensto. Now the children fill up two pews when going up front.

Because of the number of children in the church, the session decided to hold Sabbath school after worship to encourage children to be able to be in worship more easily. A fellowship time is enjoyed between our morning worship service and class time. We will celebrate the Lord’s supper bimonthly beginning ...

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