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First (Cambridge, Mass.) RPC

08. March 2017

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First (Cambridge, Mass.) RPC

Location: Cambridge, Mass.

Presbytery: Atlantic

Organization: July 1895

Membership: 45 communicant; 23 baptized

Elders: Tom Fisher, Tim Montgomery, Daniel Howe (interim moderator)



There has been a Reformed Presbyterian church on Antrim Street in Cambridge for more than 120 years. Antrim Street is a residential street, tree-lined and filled with multi-family wooden homes painted in many beautiful colors. Nestled among these homes is our church building, complete with stained glass windows and a steeple, but no parking lot! This fact highlights the urban setting of our church—some of us arrive by subway or on foot, and those who drive find parking on Antrim Street or nearby. Our current parsonage on Antrim Street was purchased in 1959.

The church building was originally built simply, with little more than an auditorium. A couple of rooms were soon added to provide space for fellowship and classes. In more recent years, we have waterproofed the church basement and added classrooms, a nursery, and bathrooms. With many hours of able help from Arianna Montgomery, our deacon Kyle Finley has led us in making numerous repairs all over both of our buildings. ...

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