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Evangelical RPC

29. September 2017

Columns, Congregation of the Month,


Location: Toronto, Ont.

Presbytery: St. Lawrence

Organization: 1928 (Free Church of Scotland)

Membership: 32 communicant: 2 baptized

Pastor: D Allan MacLeod


Click here for a history of the congregation.


While as a congregation we have our roots in Scottish Highlanders who came to Toronto many decades ago, the makeup of the congregation is very much a microcosm of Toronto. Some attend whose parents came to Toronto long ago while others have African, American, Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, French, Irish, Jamaican, Korean, Malaysian, Mexican, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese backgrounds. We give thanks to God for this. We have had an average of 45 people attending morning worship over the last few months.

At times, the various accents can lead to a confusion of tongues. Even after 20 years, Pastor MacLeod is occasionally liable to cause confusion. At times, he will forget that he is in Canada and will use words that mean something totally different than in his native Scotland. For instance, while giving a children’s ...

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