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Do You Ever Feel You ‘Haven’t a Prayer’?

17. January 2018

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  —Gordon J. Keddie

In May, I sent the completed manuscript of my recent book, Prayers of the Bible, to our denominational publisher, Crown & Covenant Publications. 1 This was a huge relief, as it represented the work of nearly 20 years of meditations on prayer from Genesis to Revelation, mostly given in the first 10 to 15 minutes of midweek prayer meetings. After such study, you would think that I had plenty of prayers, and the Scriptures to inspire them, floating vibrantly around in my memory that I could recall in a moment, whether for times of joy or of sorrow. But, even a couple of weeks after reading the proofs of that manuscript, it was not so.

I Shall Not Die, But Live…In Christ 2

In June, I was rushed to the hospital after coming down with an extreme case of altitude sickness at a Christian conference in Colorado. Relentlessly dizzy and nauseated, I threw up for 21 days in a row, defied all treatment, and showed no improvements. The doctors warned my wife that I might never recover. Food and fluid were pumped into me intravenously, my death was awaited with bated breath, and my life was prayed for by many of God’s people.

One day, early in this ordeal, I tried to pray, but could not think of any words to pray! I knew who I was, where I was, and that I was in ...

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