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Covenanters in California

08. December 2007

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Fresno RPC

Location: Fresno, Calif.

Presbytery: Pacific Coast

Organized: 1920

Membership: 80 communicant; 26 baptized

Pastor: Tim McCracken

Web Site:


Whether due to Manifest Destiny or the dust storms in the Great Plains, Covenanters came to California.

2008 marks the 90th year since a small group of Reformed Presbyterians living in and around Fresno were organized as a mission station. Homes, schoolhouses, churches, and even a tent housed the group until 1928, when the tent was deemed unsatisfactory and the congregation decided to erect their own building. Eventually, they moved to a different property and took their meeting place with them (never mind that it was no longer a tent; they just up and moved it). Years later, they moved to their current location, this time leaving their building behind and occupying another.

In June 2008, it will have been 20 years since Pastor Tim McCracken and his wife, Lori, came to Fresno.


Recently, school buses have been dropping off crowds of elementary children next to the church and the adjoining McCracken home, causing the church to consider how God might use them in these neighbors’ lives.

The state prison facility at Corcoran has also ...

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