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Congregation of the Month: A Colorful History

01. January 2010

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Oswego RPC

Location: Oswego, N.Y.

Presbytery: St. Lawrence

Membership: 86 communicant; 16 baptized

Organized: 1980

Pastor: “Kit” Schwartz (Walter); installed 1980

I don’t know why anyone would ask me to write a history of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Oswego, N.Y. In the first place, I wasn’t even there back in October 1980 when the congregation was formed. Why not ask Frank Soranno, our oldest member? He was here at the beginning, along with the Howes and Hubers. He was here back when I was still a Pentecostal. And yet they ask me, when there are, like 85 other members to choose from. You’d think there would be someone who could do it, but I guess not.

All through 1980 the Good RPs were worshiping God at the YMCA. Then Kit (not his real name) Swartz showed up. I don’t even know what a DA Lodge is, but the congregation met there from 1980 through 1983. I went there once. Just once. It was a Saturday, and special guest speaker Ed Robson was there, talking about the relationship of “kai” to the book of Revelation. Or maybe the relationship of Revelation to “kai.” But anyway, it was upstairs, dark, and rented, and we were studying “kai” and Revelation.

Some time after that, I joined. My Pentecostal wife, Deb, came over kicking and screaming (she’s fine now). By then the congregation had moved to the American ...

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