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Sterling Kan., RPC

01. November 2012

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Sterling, Kan., RPC

Location: Sterling, Kan.

Presbytery: Midwest

Organized: 1877

Membership: 75 communicant; 40 baptized

Pastor: Joel Wood

Web site:

Oldest Member: Maurice Reed

Youngest Member: Joanna Hjerpes

As the frontier moved westward, new Reformed Presbyter-ian churches were established in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. In time some left Iowa and Missouri to come to Kansas.

Early in the spring of 1875, the W.J. Connery family from Clarinda, Iowa, came in three covered wagons to obtain a homestead in a Kansas town called Peace (pop. 150).

The next spring, three more families came from Clarinda and these four families formed the nucleus of a new RP congregation. That year the town’s name was changed to Sterling. In October 1877, the organization of the congregation was completed, with 14 charter members and Rev. J.M. Armour as pastor. One year later, they decided to build a church building and in 1880 they moved in. During the next few years, some families left because of crop failures, but God did not let the church die. Soon other families joined the congregation.

As early as 1883, a Ladies Missionary Society was formed and, in a unique way, solved a problem that has troubled many pastors. To provide light for the church, the society purchased a large chandelier, but wisely hung ...

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