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Christ Rules There; We Serve There

01. March 2011

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Some of you weren’t yet born when the Reformed Presbyterian Witness featured a theme issue about our Canadian churches. The November 1988 cover featured a photo of RP pastor Richard Ganz speaking to a pro-life rally on the steps of the Canadian Parliament building.

As Pastor Ganz points out, the motto of the nation of Canada is “From Sea to Sea,” taken from Psalm 72:8, “His dominion is from sea to sea.” As Pastor Christian Adjemian remarked in his 1988 article, the nation of Canada used to officially be called the Dominion of Canada. He said, “The Canadian congregations of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America are here to remind our nation that it is Christ who has dominion over this land.” During the aforementioned pro-life rally, the gospel was presented and the Psalms of the King were sung on the steps of Parliament.

There were 4 Canadian congregations in the RPCNA at that time, all in the province of Ontario. While the expansion of the RPCNA in Canada has been slow, it has also borne fruit. There are now 6 congregations in 3 provinces. What’s more, the Cush4Christ RP mission in Sudan sprung up through the conviction and support of RPs in Canada.

The RP seminary in Canada, Ottawa Theological Hall, is now well established. In 1988, Rev. Harold Harrington pointed out many reasons for founding a Canadian seminary when there already was an RP seminary in the States. “OTH should not be regarded as the product of an ...

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