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Celebrating a Century of Support

07. August 2017

  —Elizabeth Reed

Time for an Update

Four years ago, the Midwest Women’s Presbyterial Missionary Fellowship (MWPMF) was faced with a big decision: continue as a joint society of women with the purpose of supporting women missionaries or disband as many local societies had already done. The Women’s Synodical of the RPCNA had already succumbed to the changing times. RP Global Missions had centralized the denomination’s missionary efforts. No women missionaries were dependent on ladies’ societies for their support any longer. As it stood, only a handful of local congregational women’s societies remained in the Midwest Presbytery. It seemed the handwriting was on the wall for the larger fellowship.

After forming a committee to survey the members and comb through the feedback, the general consensus was that Midwest ladies still wanted to gather annually. They enjoyed the retreat as a time to refresh and to focus on missions. They profited from studying God’s Word in depth as presented by the speakers and fleshed out in discussion groups. They enjoyed seeing their sisters in Christ from several states away and “breaking bread” together. Something special happened when multiple generations of women gathered together (an occurrence not always possible in a single congregation).

But how would the fellowship adapt? More ladies were working outside the home. It was difficult for many to find time away. Many of the procedures, reports, ...

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