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Brief Notes

30. July 2012

News, Congregational News,



Blackwood, Felicity Eliora, Oct. 29, to Zachary and Flo Blackwood. Grandparents are Ed and Nancy Blackwood of Frankston, Australia, RPC and Dave and Jerri Faris of Lafayette, Ind., RPC. (Sycamore [Kokomo, Ind.] RPC)

Cerbus, Violet Grace, Apr. 20, to Ross and Kaitlyn Cerbus. Grandparents are Elaine and the late Greg Cerbus of Southside (Indianapolis, Ind.) RPC, and Joe and Kathy Marcisz of Sycamore (Kokomo, Ind.) RPC. (Sycamore [Kokomo, Ind.] RPC)

Ekpo, Nora Rebecca, Mar. 4, to Nse and Tami Ekpo. (Seattle, Wash., RPC)

Eshelman, Ruth Mercy, Apr. 9, to Nathan and Lydia Eshelman. Joins sister Anna and brothers Owen, Watson and Calvin. (Los Angeles, Calif., RPC)

Houston, William David, to David and Sarah Houston, Feb. 27. (Ottawa, Ont., RPC)

Smerk, Joseph Nicholas, Mar. 8, to Nicholas and Bonnie Smerk. Joins brother Peter. (First [Beaver Falls, Pa.] RPC)

Spiegel, Grant William and Nicolas Alexander, Apr. 19, to John and Susan Spiegel. Join brothers Ethan, Tyler and Liam. Grandparents are Dan and Jackie Spiegel, and Wanda Spiegel, and John and Pat Mauser of Southside (Indianapolis, Ind.) RPC. (Sycamore [Kokomo, Ind.] RPC)


Blackwood, Felicity Eliora, daughter of Zachary and Flo Blackwood, Nov. 20, by Pastor Barry York. ...

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