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15. November 2017

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  —Kyle Borg

With Him: A Biblical Model of Discipleship for Men

Ken G. Smith | 10Publishing, 2017, 60 pp., $8 | Available at

Anyone who knows Ken G. Smith, retired pastor in the RPCNA, knows that the discipleship of men is not simply a book, but a ministry he has given his life to. Now, thanks to his efforts, the church has this valuable little resource that centers discipleship on the “with Him” model.

In one sense this method is so simple; yet there is a good chance that in reading your Bible you might have missed it. The basic thesis of the method is that discipleship occurs best in the context of relationship and shared lives. With a lot of pastoral wisdom (and experience), Ken walks readers through the how-tos for this model—how to find men, teach men, cultivate friendships with men, and to do all of that with Christ-centeredness.

There were two questions, however, that I was left with. The first has to do with defining distinctions. In this model of discipleship it was not immediately clear to me what the difference might be between an elder’s shepherding and teaching ministry and the every-member discipleship, training, and teaching promoted in this model. Second, I was left wondering what relationship the ordinary means of grace (especially preaching and the sacraments) have in our ...

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