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Around the Church

27. January 2017

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Rejoice with Us as We Celebrate God’s Faithfulness to the Washington, Iowa, RPC over the Past 175 Years!

Daniel Drost, pastor

At our 175th celebration, Pastor Drost presented a pointed and timely message of God’s faithfulness, and Nancy Skubal presented an informative slide show with much of the information below.

Our oldest member, 99-year-old George Masson, was interviewed, and a video of the interview was shared at our celebration. We publicized the celebration widely and were pleased so many attended. We had been hopeful this would be a testimony to the community of the great God whom we worship. We did not receive the attendance by the community that we had hoped for, but we trust the publicity piqued people’s interest in the God who sustains us all.


We, as a congregation, have been blessed with God’s faithfulness for 175 years. Along the way, there have been many ups and downs and multiple times when members wondered if the church would survive, but God has preserved us, and for that we are grateful.

Our roots come from four ministers who left the church of Scotland because they thought congregations should be able to select their own pastors and not have them appointed for them, along with other dissensions. This happened in 1733, forming the Associate Presbyterian Church. In 1753, ministers came from Scotland to form the ...

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