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Around the Church

16. September 2016

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Ice Water, Frisbees, and Fourth-of-July Seeds

Bruce Martin, pastor

The Ridgefield Park, N.J., RPC began making plans for the local Independence Day parade—which is the oldest July 4 parade in New Jersey—months before the annual event. Because the church building is situated along the parade route, the congregation has developed a unique outreach strategy in the past two decades. Initially our goal was to provide cups of cold water for the parched paraders and to give shelter and rest to the spectators. After a couple years, we handed out bottles filled with ice water and imprinted with church information, and we offered Christian literature as well as holiday souvenirs. Soon we expanded our display to include a face-painting booth, which has delighted youngsters.

By 2005 the congregation expanded its presence by marching in the parade, displaying an identifying banner and distributing small flying discs. These discs (Frisbees) became another means of outreach. One year we affixed an invitation onto the disc for a newcomers’ Bible study and attached a small candy to sweeten the message. Recently we focused our efforts on handing out plant seeds in prepared envelopes.

Through God’s blessing, we trust that the knowledge of our church’s tenets will be understood and that the good seed of God’s Word will be spread throughout our community.  

Sharon (Morning Sun, Iowa) ...

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