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Around the Church

01. March 2016

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Almonte, Ont., RPC | Matt Dyck, pastor

The congregation is involved in the breakfast program at Almonte High School, a summer sports camp for local children (with the added benefit of providing leadership roles for our own youth), and a craft tent for the International Puppets-Up Festival. The congregation also provided a full Christmas dinner and music at local senior apartments and prepared a Christmas pageant and dinner that provided opportunities to invite family and friends to the church. Youth and adults planned a mission trip to Belize in March and have organized many community fundraisers such as yard sales, a volleyball tournament, a Valentine dance, leaf raking, professional development day programs (for children who have the day off school), and a Christmas market.

In cooperation with other local churches, Almonte RPC provides worship services at two nursing homes, helps with a monthly Seniors Friendship Lunch, helps organize the Easter “Walk of the Cross” throughout Almonte, and sings psalms at the yearly “Almonte in Praise.” The church has been privileged to sponsor a Syrian refugee, Alan Ibrahim. He had sought refuge in Cyprus and was attending the RP Church there. After much paperwork and delays, he arrived in September. He had full-time work in a week and has been a faithful employee and Christian witness.

—Ruth More, correspondent

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