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Around the Church

06. May 2015

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The Dallas RP Mission Church became a fully organized congregation on Mar. 6.

Twenty-one elders and others from Midwest Presbytery gathered to organize the Dallas charter members (19 communicant and 14 baptized) into a fully organized congregation. (see photos)

Rose Point (New Castle, Pa.) RPC Charles Brown, pastor

Five girls from the American Heritage Girls Troop marched in the Veteran’s Day Parade in New Castle Nov. 8. The girls were Annie and Dora Brown, Ellia and Samantha McKnight, and Kelly Mershimer.

Lt. Commander Adam Zajac, U.S. Navy, will be relocated in June to Naples for a three-year stint.

Members making significant travels included Ralph and Joday Joseph to Selma, Ala., where Ralph sang again in the Choral Societies rendition of the Messiah in Selma. John Mitchell and George Jackson (Broomall, Pa., RPC) cruised in the Far East in December.

Nolan Curran has been promoted to Cadet Senior Airman in the Civil Air Patrol.

Shane Curran gave a slide presentation of his visit to Burkina Faso in Africa; and Lupe Curran, Ethan Curran’s wife, gave a talk about American Samoa and the Kingdom of Tonga at a homeschool meeting in January.

The congregation celebrated Pastor Charles Brown’s birthday when he turned 40 in March.

—Ralph Joseph, correspondent

Westminster, Colo., RPC Shane Sapp, ...

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