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Around the Church

11. August 2009

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The Hetherton, Mich., RPC began as a congregation in the woods of northern Michigan in 1902. To support the small group of Covenanters that had settled there, they advertised in the Christian Nation for other families to come and he­lp them grow. Being out of the main stream of life, it was difficult to have others come from RP congregations to worship and fellowship with them. There were times when they could only have communion when a visiting pastor was able to come. Even though many things have changed and travel is much more convenient, few people from other RP congregations visit us for worship and fellowship.

The Apostle Paul made his second and third missionary journeys visiting the scattered churches of the early Christian church. These visits encouraged the people to grow in Christ and helped them realize that they were a part of the whole body of churches. The Hetherton congregation needs this kind of contact today to help us grow in faith and feel that we are a part of the whole denomination.

In 1977, the Hetherton session was counseled that the congregation did not have long to exist, but some 30 years later we continue to worship and serve God in the community. Our beautiful country church and our comfortable parsonage remind people that God is to be honored and worshiped.

We need your help. We continue to make our appeal for a missionary-pastor to live in the community, shepherd to the ...

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