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Around the Church

13. April 2012

News, Congregational News,


Rose Point (New Castle, Pa.) RPC

Pastor Charles Brown

The new year started a little early for the Rose Point RP Church. Many members of the congregation and friends gathered for a noon meal Dec. 31. Following the meal, several of the families remained to play board games.

During the past year, the congregation rejoiced in the establishment of three new homes in the congregation: Jay and Jennifer Lasher, Dan and Marja Ray, and Adam and Erica Zajac.

Three communicant members were received into the congregation this year: Matthew and Michelle McKnight and David Reed; and four new members were added to the baptized roll: Peter Brown and Walter, Elia, and Samantha McKnight.

Pastor Brown preached through the epistles of John, the ten commandments, Galatians, and 1 Samuel in 2011. The Christian education program has been changed, with two classes offered each quarter for the adults and two classes for the younger set. Instead of a Sabbath school superintendent, the oversight of the program is administered by the Christian education committee, chaired by Elder Steven Wilson.

Clara Blair fell for the second time in as many years and broke her wrist. At this writing, the cast has been removed and she is anticipating greater freedom of movement. Five members of the congregation or their spouses have undergone serious to moderate surgeries during the year: Frances Campbell, Diana Campbell, Katie ...

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